Tuesday 1 May 2012

No Blog Today

This is because of the new interface which we are having to learn.

The old method of writing blog posts used to work, but recently Google (who run Blogger/Blogspot) have introduced a new interface which doesn't work.I assume that the new interface is designed by people who write web pages, and that is all they do.

They spend all day every day writing the new interface, using it, getting it to work for them without it ever entering their heads that people who blog also do other stuff - like have families, jobs, play sport, do the stuff they blog about....

If I had all my working life to learn the new interface and the new way of doing things it wouldn't worry me (as long as it worked, which it so patently doesn't).

But I don't have that time. I want to go in, type my new blog entry - quickly - and have it appear when I want it to appear, looking like how I want it.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

The new system works fine for us. We have had no problems whatsoever with text or photographs... It took us ALL of 10 minutes to learn how to use it... No problem.

Simon said...

C&E We're having the same problems as a lot of people seem to be having: Posts either reformat themselves as one, long Paragraph or add paragraph breaks all over the place.

I am also not a fan of drop downs instead of menu items. I could learn them, but we've been blogging for 6 years and just can't be botehred relearning everything.

In Happier news, Google have not quuite announced they ahve a problem: the advice is now that the old interface will disappear in a couple of months - they have run in to legal problems over the fact it's all grey on white, and therefore doesn't comply with accessibilty issues.

You would have thought that a big company would be cleverer thtn that

Pollygarter said...

Just a thought.... by putting this entry up today.... you've blogged!
Shouldn't it have gone up yesterday by way of explanation... or tomorrow by way of apologerly?

Ken Broadhurst said...

I've been having a lot of trouble with the new interface too, and I've reverted to the old familiar one, which works great.

I don't want to spend my blogging time fiddling with settings, margin widths, line spacing,
codes, and, generally, with the tedious job making the layout work consistently. I want to work on the content, the text, the photos.

Google, don't take the old Blogger interface away! If you do, I'll have to move to Windows Live Writer, and I don't want to do that either.

Is anybody listening?

chm said...

As I said many times why make it simple when you can make it complicated? In the original French, Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué?

That's also the equivalent of "New improved" that you find all over the place.It might be new, but it's certainly not improved.

As you said, Simon, these people have to justify their salary!

Diane said...

I have reverted back to the old interface as it is so much easier, BUT it looks like we will have to change at some stage unfortunately. Diane

GaynorB said...

Hi Simon,
I forgot!
The interface works OK for me but I find it rather clumsy - a bit like the old one! My posts are simple, just text (done in Word and copied in) and photographs inserted after. I haven't ever had much success moving bits around after they've been inserted.
Accessibility is a big thing nowadays, so I'm surprised it got this far without someone spotting the problem!

Chris said...

Bless you Simon, I am happy to wait until you or Google manage to come up with an ideal blog...I do so love catching up...I pop in every day just to see what you have been up to....

Keep up the good work..

Pearl said...

It's been messing up fonts for a while as they "transition". Is the way to download a backup version of the blog or import a blog totally gone? Not even accessible. Google seems to be letting more town fools into their gene pool.

Simon said...

Pearl - until a couple of days ago you gould go back to the old interface from the new, but that appears to be no longer possible. If you are still using the old interface, you can dowmload your blog on Settings - basic. Otherwise, I am not sure how you do it.

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