Thursday 17 May 2012

La Chatonniere in the Green

The Labyrinth.
La Chatonniere is a most picturesque garden, no matter what the season. Because of its setting, nestled down in a valley all on its own, the landscape is designed to be a series of terraces, giving you magnificent views over the carefully laid out and themed gardens.

Looking across the bulb lawn - flowering is finished
but the pattern of leaves is an interesting effect.
They've obviously suffered a few losses over this last cold winter, with the Italian cypresses very burnt. Mme Azéroual, the head gardener's wife, said to me that they have lost quite a few of the clematis that were planted in amongst the roses on the pergolas.

Looking down on the inner terrace, full of perennials leafing up.
Nevertheless, in mid May, after lots of rain, it is a sea of greens. In many ways it is a more successful garden than nearby Villandry in these circumstances. Because more of the planting is permanent, it doesn't have that sense of a work in progress that Villandry can have at this time of year.


Update: Note that as of 2014, la Chatonniere is not open to individuals visiting any more. Visits must be of groups of 10 or more, on appointment only.

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Pollygarter said...

Villandry can be really awfull at the wrong time. La Chatonniere and Valmer both run 'continuous' gardens... it does mean that you won't be really disappointed at any time.

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