Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Steve Struts His Stuff

Detail of the back garden.
Long term readers will remember the heart rending tale of Steve the Siberian Iris. He and Son of Steve were separated in the great move to France, with Son of Steve coming to Preuilly in the first round. Steve got to languish back in London until Simon could return with a van to pick up the rest of the plants. Sadly, Son of Steve failed to thrive in France and died quite soon after our arrival. Steve, on the other hand, has reliably delivered several deep purple blue flowers each year at this time.

This is pseudo-Steve. I never got round to taking
a photo of Steve and now he has finished.
Steve is now joined by some pale lavender tall bearded iris and some slightly different Siberians . The bearded rhizomes were given to me when we built our back garden terrace and I planted them along the bottom to disguise the concrete blocks. I was warned they would be bog standard, but I didn't mind what they turned out to be, because I have never met an iris I didn't like. They have flowered for the first time this year and are putting on a lovely show for beginners.

Bearded iris (rescued from a garden renovation).

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Iris and poppies. Perfect.

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