Saturday, 12 May 2012

An Anniversary

It seems like we are having anniversaries every year, and a different anniversary every week if we look hard enough. This is a biggie though - three years since we arrived to live permanently in France.

Our first morning as French residents:
The view from the Ibis at Calais Eurostar
On this day three years ago we had ideas of what we would be doing and how we would be living, but no real plans. Just living the adventure was exciting and didn't need to be complicated (on my behalf, anyway) with concepts like seriously making an income.

Buying breakfast at the Baie de Somme...
Since then, we have crystallised our ideas of how the house will look and got some way along the path of making it so, and it appears that our business plans are starting to pay off.

....and lunch at Alençon. Life on the road.
We still have plenty to do, of course, but in three years time we should at least have most of the boxes unpacked.



Pollygarter said...

"but in three years time we should at least have most of the boxes unpacked."

You wish!! Bonne chance.
And congratulations, anyways.

Niall & Antoinette said...

No chance! there will always be boxes that lurk in a corner...forever unpacked. [Don't we know it]

Ah the stop at Alencon -- well known to us for its hit of Maitre Paul coffee :-)


Sheila said...

Seems like just yesterday!

Jean said...

Three years?! It seems like only yesterday.
Congratulations !!

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