Monday, 14 May 2012

The Mill is Restored at Pont de Ruan

One of the restored water wheels.
We visit Pont de Ruan frequently, as it is on one of the scenic routes that we take clients on as we wend our way to or from Azay-le-Rideau. Over the last twelve months there has been a project to restore one of the mills on the Indre there and we have watched the progress with interest. Now it is virtually finished and the barriers are down. You can walk across a new passerelle to stand right in front of the pair of working water wheels.

Looking straight into the wheel.

It hasn't been over restored.
It is such a picturesque spot we never tire of photographing it.

One of the other mills in the complex.
The local river technician is based in the mill house and has invited me to drop in whenever we are passing. He knows our local river technician and I am always happy to do a bit of networking with the nature conservation professionals in the area. I mentioned our concerns about the over enthusiastic riverbank vegetation clearing down our way and he indicated he has similar issues up on the Indre. He didn't go into details, but it is obviously something he wants to tackle. For him, the main problem is hollow trees used by bats being removed.



Sheila said...

Amazing to me that you are so
conversant in French. Networking
with river technicians is not
just casual conversation,

Susan said...

Sheila: this sort of conversation is in fact a lot easier than idly chatting with neighbours. For a start, both parties know what the topic is and many of the technical words are very similar.

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