Monday 19 October 2009

White Bryony

I photographed these White Bryony / Bryonia dioica / Navet du diable berries in early October, looking like beads strung along our potager fence. The plant twines and scrambles over the fence and across the ground. Like many plants in the cucurbit family, the fruits are powerful purgatives, and if sufficient are ingested, can cause death.

Here's what the plant looks like in late May.


Jean said...

When I glimpsed this picture I thought " oh what pretty beads " - it has given me an idea for another necklace.
Autumn is an excellent time for jewellery inspiration from nature. Not to mention the cooler darker evenings spent at home with a comforting mug of cocoa over the bead board.
(Although a glass of something comforting and bubbly from the Loire to remind us of our holidays works better !)
Sorry we didn't see more of you this last visit - but a huge thanks to Simon for giving us a ride in Celestine. The week just whizzed by this time and unfortunately the next one is a long way off.
Jean x

Anonymous said...

so we call it in france salspareille , it's magic plant for withs becoming famous with the belgium cartoon the stroumf !!!!

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