Friday 16 October 2009

Glimpses 9

A riveau reuil (rill) between two properties in Preuilly. I particularly like the pelargoniums on the window sill of an otherwise blank wall, and the pears bobbing about in the stream after falling from a tree further up.


Note: a riveau seems to be a local word for water meadow.

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Ken Broadhurst said...

Interesting term, riveau. I don't find it in the unabridged Robert dictionary of the French language, but I do find a campground called Le Riveau, located in La Roche-Posay, when I search for the term in The usual word for stream is un ruisseau, and here in Saint-Aignan we have the local name une rouère — we live near La Rouère de l'Aulne — which is not in the dictionary either. Is riveau a local word for stream in the Sud-Touraine dialect?

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