Thursday, 1 October 2009

Still Painting

I am painting the kitchen shutters this week.

These are a semi-louvered shutter, which I sanded back to the wood where the paint was flaking, but only sanded back to a good surface where the paint was still intact. Unlike the guest bedroom shutter, which I stripped back almost completely to bare wood, or the master bedroom shutters, which I just brushed down with a wire brush.

There are only so many ways you can
take a photo of "painting a shutter".
This is the "no flash, just using the worklamps
and a slow shutter speed" method.
I have now given them their first coat of undercoat. There will be two coats of undercoat, and two coats of topcoat. I hope the finish quality will be the same as on the guest bedroom shutters, but having spent only half the time sanding back as I did with them. Sanding back louvres is impossible to do completely, and no-one is going to be looking down the gap anyway.

I remembered almost all my rules for painting, which was good. I know if I wrote them down somewhere I would remember them.



Jean said...

My observation is that where decorating is concerned, people only ever see the overall effect, nobody notices how well you have joined the wallpaper.
The shutters are looking great.

Jean said...

P.S. I love the new header photo.

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