Wednesday 14 October 2009


Yesterday we took Célestine to Cheverny, along with Kippa and Ben. This meant leaving home at 9.30, while the mist was still lying quite heavily on the ground. Luckily, with Célestine's improved electrics we were able to have the headlights on so people could avoid us. The trip took 90 minutes, and includes the first time I have overtaken motorised transport (a tractor, but it counts!).

Cheverny is a great day out. The Chateau is full of amazing and interesting furniture, the hunting pack are entertaining, and because the chateau was the model for Marlinspike Hall in the Tintin comics, there is a Tintin exhibition for kids of all ages.

After Cheverny we went to the Simoneau winery to introduce Kippa and Ben to Loire Valley wines. We also had a chance to sample this year's very new bernache; still sweet and fruity and not very fizzy. The sweetness will fade and the fizziness increase (up to a point), after which stage it becomes almost undrinkable.

We had a great day (even though I am suffering an allergy to all of Monday's dust) and as usual the car atttracted a lot of admiring glances.



Thib said...

Cheverny is one of my preferred Chateau de la Loire!... It must be, as I live in Cheverny (not in the Castle!).
And the chateau and the park are some of my favorite photo subjects ;-)

Leon Sims said...

I found your blog thru Ken Broadhurst's blog.
The photos of Cheverny bring back memories of our trip there in June this year. The Traction Avant is also a favorite of mine as I am a founding member of the Citroen Classic owners club of Australia.
I look forward to reading more of your time in France.
(Melbourne our home)

Simon said...

Hi Thib - you lucky man!!

Welcome to the blog Leon and Sue. France looks great across the bonnet of a TA

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