Saturday, 3 October 2009

Believing Your Eyes

An opportunity to show another photo of Célestine

It is very rare to find a view in France that isn't spoiled by power or telephone lines, which makes taking great photos difficult. Ofen you take what you hope to be a good photo before you see the power and/or phone lines. These days I am so used to seeing cables everywhere that I don't notice them until I come to prepare the photo for use.

I quite like the photo below, but the various posts and lines get in the way. I won't claim I didn't see them when I took the photo, but the brain seems to ignore them really sucessfully - until they appear in the photo.

Luckily, there is a solution. Of course, we have all known for years never to take a photo at face value, but if you know how to do it, technology has now made the process quicker and easier.

Talking of Célestine, she is still with the garage for about another week. The fuel tank has been drained, cleaned, treated and an epoxy lining applied. It takes about 8 days for the epoxy to go off, and then she can come home.

The garage looks awful big without her.



Christine said...

Hi Simon & Susan
Have just discovered your blog, it's great. My husband & I are also Australians & living part-time in France. We bought our house last May, in Chabanais on the River Vienne, a bit south of you. My husband is still working in Australia & left yesterday for Melbourne. At the end of next year he retires & so we will have about 6 months a year here. We intended to do a blog like yours, but didn't get round to it - so well done! I found your blog while looking up info on snakes as I just saw one in the garden - think it was a juvenile whip snake, it looked very similar to the one like the one you saw.

Autolycus said...

I'd be more worried about the additional lighting Célestine appears to have sprouted - not very practical at bridges, surely?

Simon said...

Christine - Welcome to the blog. We have been to Chabanais, and the Vienne is one of our favorite rivers.

Auto - That's why I removed it. It made it impossible to park in a multi storey carpark, but I have to admit the car easy to find if we got in there...

Emm said...

What an absolutely gorgeous car! You realize, of course, that once she's back on the road your wardrobe will require serious upgrading? You can't drive a car like that while wearing jeans and sweaters. Silk scarves, cashmere topcoats, possibly even an evening hat for you, Simon.

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