Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Good Old days

Silent, but so charming, it is particularly good if you click the fullscreen button (bottom left-hand corner). Route Nationale 7 is the route from Paris to Italy via Lyon. For any of our French readers of a certain age I am sure this will be très nostalgique.

Célestine is still with the Garagiste, but we are collecting her this morning. After spending two weeks in the workshop her battery was "un peu plat", and he thought it would be best to fully charge it for us. This meant we were unable to collect Kippa and his mate Ben in style from the airport, but at least we will have her available for a trip or two next week.



  1. I really enjoyed seeing all the old Renault 4CVs and Dauphines, the Peugeots, Citroëns, and Simcas. Thanks.

  2. My personal favorite is the chap with the wheelbarrow. A moment of comedy gold...

  3. Oh dear me, yes, memories of my very early visits to France. And did I see someone on a Solex?