Wednesday 28 October 2009

Driving to the Supermarket

Susan wrote yesterday about the marché in Preuilly sur Claise.

There are some items which you can't get in the market, and sometimes we get "pub" (advertising) through the letterbox and this often results in a drive to the supermarket, either in Yzeures sur Creuse or la Roche Posay. I am sure that everyone can relate to this.

I mean- we ALL have to drive to the supermarket. I would hate anyone to think we were showing off or anything!


ps Abbé Henri Proust has written here about Célestine's visit to Richelieu.


Carolyn said...

What A Thrill. I kept waiting for liftoff.

Django is the perfect music for a road trip.

Does your car take up 3/4 of the road, or does it just look like it?

Anonymous said...

Since we use the same supermarkets, we're in a position to snitch on you and note that the route was a bit circuitous; but then if we had your car to drive we might well go for a longer route!

Simon said...

Carolyn. I think they made the roads especially narrow to magnify the effect.

Anon. Surely the movie is everyone's experience of driving to the supermarché?

Emm said...

What a lovely tour of the countryside, even if--as Anonymous pointed out--it was a trifle the long way around. And with Django, too.


Unknown said...

Hello Simon

Best of luck with your projects ! I have a 1953 11BL currently often in my barn in the Dordogne, but often in La Roche-Posay, where my partner lives. Normally I am in Paris, but often in the country, so hope to come and visit you soon.

Lovely little film. I have a site and and a blog, but not working too well at the moment. In the meantime you can visit a gallery of my last big trip in the Traction to the English Traction Owner's Club annual rally in Falmouth, Cornwall last June :

Have tries to send you same on Traction Avant ForumCircle site but links blocked and my codes not accepted apparently. Whatever happened to that site's administrator Nick Greene by the way ? He is in the Creuse somewhere.

Best regards,


Simon said...


Nic epics - I hope to run into you (as it were) one day. Drop us an email via my profile page next time you're in the area. I thonk Nick Greene is moving house at the moment.

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