Tuesday 27 May 2008

The week in brief

A quiet week this week - at least as far as building goes.

Susan's parents are still here, so we have been off exploring - Villandry, Le Blanc, Montrésor, Chenonceau and the Brenne are all names which will appear once we have the time to sit down, gather our thoughts and write - as are items about orchids (5 new ones for us this year), butterflies, birds and flies.
A good year for the Orchids

On our way to Villandry we stopped for lunch at Chambray-les-Tours, a large area of hardware and furnishing shops and car yards just south of Tours. While we were there we took the opportunity to have a quick browse through some kitchen places. There weren't many kitchens we liked, but we were interested in some of the things that have happened to kitchens in the 20 years since either of us had to plan one. Susan's father was particularly interested in the range of items available in hardware that he hasn't seen in Australia. A French man will, with very little pushing, build an extension on his house all by himself - buying pre-made (and pre-hung) doors, windows, shutters, do all his own wiring and plumbing, and finish off with some plastering.

I hope I develop at least some of these skills!

Having Susan's parents here has meant that I haven't been spending all day at the house, which means I have had plenty of opportunity to take some photos.

Here is a small random selection:

A column top at the church in Chencaux-pres-Loches:
A small garden in Preuilly-sur-Claise

Some poplar tress near Yzeures-sur-Creuse



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you showed the photo from Chanceaux. I love that quiet, elegant spot.

On your travels with your parents, have you gone through Chedigny? It's been wonderfully flowery every time we've gone there. Not much else there but flowers and pretty houses.

For your kitchen, how about a draining rack on the wall above the sink and counter? Is this done in Australia and England? I know it's common in Scandinavia and we saw it years ago in Italy. It can be enclosed in a cupboard or out there in the open for the fastidious or easily embarrassed homeowner.

Susan said...

We do know Chedigny and have photos that will appear from time to time. I know the type of plate rack/drainer you mean. You do see them sometimes and they can be attractive. They can also be a bit of a pain, if the plate size/drainer slot fit is not good, and you would need to use and wash the plates in an open one frequently I think.

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