Friday, 2 May 2008

An Update from the Kouign Amann Test Kitchen

You may recall my somewhat unsuccessful attempt at the traditional Breton pastry Kouign Amann several weeks ago. Well, I've given it another whirl, and this time, I'm reasonably happy with the results.

The dough, at the first layering and folding stageI opted for lining the tin with silica baking paper, which worked pretty well. Some leakage, but nothing too disasterous, and lots and lots of gloopy caramel still in with the cake - yum. I also experimented with laying slices of apple with the butter, and I feel this improves the recipe. On the top and edges the caramel is thin enough to have made crispy toffee - extra yum.

Just out of the ovenI keep calling it a cake, but it is clearly of the bread family. The tell tale signs of yeast acting on gluten are there in the interior of the cake once its cooked and the feel of the dough before.



Anonymous said...

Your kouign looks beautiful, especially the dark brown parts. The magic word (for me) is "caramel." "Gloopy caramel" sounds even more inviting.

If I could reach into the screen and pull off a bit, I'm sure it would taste delicious.

wcs said...

That looks great!

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