Sunday, 18 May 2008

Wrecking again (this is becoming a habit)

We have a very small bathroom at the top of the stairs in the house - about 1.4 x 1.8 metres (5'x6'). It contains a huge bath and a handbasin. This is not very practical, and so much water has been spilled from the bath in the past gazillion years that I suspect the floor would collapse if the bath was filled again.

The bathroom is sort of visible on the right of this picture
We have decided that this bathroom will have a WC and shower in it. At the moment, the way the door has been placed (right in the middle of the 1.8 metre wall) means that a shower unit would not fit.

This means demolishing (that word again!) the wall, removing the bath and handbasin, replacing the floor (this time with water resistant particle board), installing the shower unit and WC and then building a new wall.

Susan's father, joining in the smashing good fun
So far we have demolished the wall, which was made of very thin bricks. This photo looks weird, because you can see where the staircase should be.


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