Thursday 15 May 2008

Simon the Wrecker

Certain people (you know who you are) have commented that they have never seen my photo on the blog.

Here I am:



Anonymous said...

Handsome-looking young man!

Anonymous said...

I checked my field guide to identify this unusual insect but can't quite pin it down. Apparently it's wide ranging (Australia, England, France), adaptable, long-lived, and makes a kind of music. Susan, can we enlist your help in identification?

Susan said...

In fact it is native to Britain, but was introduced to Australia in the '60s. It has been sporadically reported from France since the 1980s, and since 2001 with increasing frequency. It seems unlikely that a breeding population will be established, but it could become resident nonetheless. Apart from the music, the other character that allows easy ID in the field is that it is extremely hairy.

wcs said...

Those goggles are a pain. I have a pair and they're good for about five minutes, as you say, and then they fog up.

They do a good job, however, of protecting what ever surface they end up on after you've ripped them off your face in disgust.

Simon said...

Walt - a man after my own heart. I have many silhouettes of safety goggles on shelves, usually outlined in cement or plaster dust.

Do you wear the strap of yours under or over the ear protector headband?


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