Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Susan and I have finally made it into Chatellerault. The town proper, I mean, not just the ring road, the station or the supermarché/bricomarché on the outskirts.

Not that we spent much time there: we had a misunderstanding with France Telecom to sort out. This took slightly less time than we had available on our parking ticket, so we took a quick turn through the marketplace.

Next step will be to spend an hour or two actually walking around the shopping streets, finding out what delights it may have in store for us. It certainly looks appealing enough - a hint of narrow alleys with old shops and cafes.

We will see...



Alcibiades said...

In the summer they have the most impressive floral display down the main drag. Their civic pride puts ours to shame. We found a good cave (Jeanne d'Arc) as well. Worth an afternoon of our holiday!

Susan said...

Thanks for the cave tip. The word is the 2007 whites are excellent, although the reds are patchy to say the least.
I imagine this central area of town looks a treat when the flowers are out. It's a nice public space.

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