Saturday, 19 April 2008

More of the Claise

A couple more views of the river Claise:

The first photo is looking upstream from our favorite spot on the river in Preuilly. This was taken on a very bright but quite fresh day in September 2007. The ripples on the river really play havoc with the reflections!

The second photo is taken just upstream from Bossay-sur-Claise. I love the tree plantations along this part of the river. At a glance I think they are poplar, possibly black poplar.


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Anonymous said...

I can understand why this is your favorite spot. It looks so calm, so quiet and so lovely too.
Your first photo reminds me of one I took of the Creuse from the bridge at La Guerche.
In France they plant a lot of poplars near or along rivers and streams. I suppose that tree likes a wet environment. It makes a nice and light background.
Beautiful pictures.

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