Wednesday, 23 April 2008

..........And Some Music to Go

When I am driving, I like to drive in silence.

Maybe it is because after years of playing in orchestras and bands my ears have just got worn out, but I rarely actually sit and listen to music. I do have a few favorites that I am likely to have nearby after 12 hours on the road - just to add some interest.
Saturday Night Fish Fry
A compilation of New Orleans soul and funk. I have this on a mix CD with an assortment of other New Orleans funk - about 6 hours worth. Get those grooves!

AC/DC box set
Just about everything they recorded all in one place. I like the early stuff best - I grew up in Australia in the 70's and this was the soundtrack to my youth. If things start to flag on the concentration front (usually just before I hit Tours), a quick blast of the first two albums revives like no other.

Simon's French music CD
A mix CD I put together of music by Django Reinhardt and Edith Piaf. Just to get me in the mood. Django is the perfect soundtrack as you drive through la France Profonde.
I am much more likely to have some spoken work CD's playing - usually comedy. Favorite of the moment is Old Harry's Game - very sharp, and just a little cynical.


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Anonymous said...

Aren't you near Paulmy? I seem to recall seeing something about a Saturday blues/R&B/country and western night (I can't remember which) at a bar there. This might not be your cup of tea, but I throw it out there as something to do.

There's also a blues festival at Chedigny in the summer.

There, I've told you all I know about music in France.

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