Saturday, 26 April 2008

A week in Preuilly

A week down, and although I have made no progress in restoring the house, I have had some wins in making it slighty more livable.

I have also managed to get out and see what is happening on the flower front for when Susan and her parents arrive in two weeks. On that front...

Orchids (I assume early purple) and cowslips on the road to Chaumussay.
Pyramidal Orchid (maybe) in Chaumussay

On Thursday the sun came out properly, which has made going for walks a lot more attractive proposition. I have found a new walk, which may well become a family favourite. Along the route, there are a couple of attractive views:

It's nice again today, but as it's Saturday I am off to the dechetterie.



Anonymous said...

Bon courage, Simon. We started home renovations years ago and our house is still not finished, though my husband believes that it is.

wcs said...

Those are orchids? Wow, I see them all over but had no idea what they are.

Susan said...

Louise - we know - we've renovated houses in Australia. The danger is always getting to the stage where you can live in it, but no longer notice the grotty bits that still need work. Anyway, even if one did manage to finish the house, gardens are definitely never, ever finished.
Wcs - take lots of photos this year and send 'em to me to ID. And remember to get up close - many of them are very pleasantly scented.

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