Saturday 12 April 2008

Hot Chocolate

We know about Banania (which supposedly is banana tinged, but really isn't in any tastable way) and Poulain (which is choix de la maison), but until visiting Bossay sur Claise we had never heard of Chocky.

I don't think you can get Chocky now, as a quick quick check of the internet shows no sign of it.



Anonymous said...

I found "Choky" at It seems to be a trade mark of different products, and not exclusively chocolate or cacao.

"Tropico choky — ALIMENTATION - PRODUITS PDJ PRODUITS FRAIS — Distributeur de boissons chaudes et froides"

Here is the first link of many:

Anonymous said...

This is a subject dear to my heart--well, not cocoa, but chocolate. One of my big thrills in France is seeing 70' of shelving devoted to chocolate bars--displayed on end, not sideways, so they can fit more in. It seems that every taste is catered for. You may be just the right people to taste-test them all.

Simon said...


I guess it would help if I could spell!! I haven't seen it on the supermarket shelves though, so I wonder what the company does.

I'm doing my best, butthere are so many things to concentrate on - cheeses, wine, butter - and now chocolate!

mpprh said...


I'm pretty sure you can buy it in bottles in the soft drink section.


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