Monday 21 April 2008

21st Century Travel

I don't know if it is a symptom of the impending gallop to being 50 years old, the lifestyle change of owning a house in another country we can actually visit, or a just a sign that in the 21st Century we own too much STUFF, but I am amazed at what I pack to go to Preuilly.

Not so long ago I was capable of travelling around the world for six weeks carrying just hand luggage. For six weeks in France I will be carrying; a computer and monitor, 2 cameras, 2 boxes of empty wine bottles (for refilling, naturally), 2 garden trugs, a guitar, a ukulele and a euphonium, a box of C.D.s and a box of books, 2 toolboxes, a stepladder, and a bookcase. And a HUGE suitcase full of clothing.

And then................ I will be bringing most of it back to London. Makes sense, doesn't it.

So if you happen to see what looks like a one man band carting the contents of a charity shop down the French A28, give me a wave...........

I'll need it.



Anonymous said...

With the load you'll be hauling, you'll probably be visible from Pennsylvania, USA. So consider yourself waved at.

A euphonium.... I'm not sure what that is. Maybe we need a photo of you playing it, one of these days.

Anonymous said...

For those of us already over 50 it will look like the return of Ma & Pa Kettle.
A laptop might be a tad more transportable, but you won't be back and forth for too much longer.

wcs said...

A ukulele? My, oh my.

Simon said...

Louise. for Euphonium, think small tuba. I didnt bring it in the end - I bought Susan's new bicycle instead.

Anon: I bought the laptop too. You just cant have enough computers.

Walt- you diss the uke at your own risk. You have to worry less about the uke, qnd more about the risk I will start singing too.

I hate french keyboards, BTW

wcs said...

Please to beg forgiveness(now I don't know where that construction came from, but it just poured out from my fingers).

I would not think of dissing the ukulele. It's rare that I even think of the ukulele at all... It is fun to type ukulele, however.

On the other hand, it is not fun to type today's word verification: mzxzkknh

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