Wednesday 31 January 2018

Almost Famous

We wrote last year about the Assumption Day rally at Lésigny.

What we didn't mention at the time (because we didn't know if it would go anywhere) is that we were interviewed by M. Jean-Pierre Potier, the local correspondant for the magazine "la vie de l'Auto". It's a weekly magazine, reasonably priced, which reports on classic car events, auctions, car museums, and the current situation in the classic car world in France.

We weren't the only people in costume, but we were possibly the only people in costume who weren't wearing protection against the weather (hardy or foolhardy - that's a debate you can have in your own time). I would like to think that is why we were photo's and interviewed.

Did you spot us yet?

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

Who's a pretty boy then... and girls of course...

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