Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Works at Saint Savin

A couple of days ago CHM asked about the chateau at St Savin.

It is good to announce that restoration work is happening - maybe not as fast as some might like - but it's definitely happening. The building still has scaffolding, but most of the windows appear to have been either replaced or fixed (or even added!), and parts of the building have a fresh coat of render. Searching back through our archives I found a photo from September 2006 for comparison:

We were there mainly for the Tour de France, but we did visit the church. With any luck there will be Tour de France photos at some stage....

(photos by Nina, because we forgot)


Colin and Elizabeth said...

(photos by Nina, because we forgot) Never mind it comes with age!!! We know all about it!!!

chm said...

Thank you, Simon, for the informatiom. I only have a faint recollection of the inside of the chateau, since I was so young when I was there with my parents and older brother as Madame Édoux's guests in the mid twenties!

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