Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Atypical Tip Trip

This Peugeot RCZ* was spotted in Blois towing this ridiculously small trailer to the tip and photographed through our dirty windscreen. It struck me as a seriously uncool look, combining the Peugeot's 'double-bubble' concept car style rear windows and the absurd wheelbarrow sized trailer full of garden trash. But perhaps I am being unkindly critical because it is a car I think looks pretentious without any redeeming elegance.

*I assume that's what the car is. If it isn't I'm sure someone will tell me.


Summer's here.

Yesterday was toasty (about 36C) and today is expected to be warmer. It slopes off a bit after that, but not enough for us to be breaking out our woollies.

I always get a little thrill when we get a weather warning above yellow (yellow means "you might get some weather") and today we have orange. Yay.


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