Friday, 1 July 2016

Beeing Invaded

Last Thursday afternoon I was relaxing on the apéro terrace, listening to the radio. All was peaceful and calm.

I went into the house to get a drink and could hear a buzzing noise, which on investigation was coming from 3 or 4 bees trapped inside the laundry. I called Susan over to confirm they were actually bees; most peculiar, I though, and headed outside.

It was then I notice a large number (>100) of bees trying to fly into the exhaust fan for the downstairs toilet, and crawling around the edge of the vent cover. This is a problem at this time of year as bees leave their hives and investigate places to start a new hive. They had obiously crawled around the outside of the fan and into the cavity between the outer brick wall and the plasterboard in the toilet - exactly the kind of place you dont want a bee hive!

Even after taping the holes shut the bees were still trying to get in.

I called Susan, and we decided that while she kept them away using a feather duster, I would try to tape the gaps shut as a temporary measure (we are intending to have that wall rendered). This we achieved eventually - I am nervous around bees, not scared, but with no wish to be stung.

Unfortunately I wasn't wearing action doing stuff trousers, but a pair of linen drawstring pants. I could feel them slipping as I reached across the fence to apply the tape. Yes, I was wearing underwear, as anyone in the vicinity can confirm. I still felt rather vulnerable...

Persistant beasts!

Anyway - tape applied (and after taping up the identical vent for the upstairs bathroom) it took a couple of hours for the bees to disperse. Yes, I climbed a tall scary ladder in a cloud of bees wearing untrustworthy trousers, but that's what makes me a hero!


  1. Not possible - remember, Susan was doing bee wafting with a feather duster. If she had stopped wafting to take a photo I would have been less than impressed...

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. And not a single sting? You are a braver person than I - hope they don't return, not that they have obviously decided your house is a good choice of home!

    1. These were just scouts, they didn't have their queen with them, so they shouldn't return now. We managed not to squash any, so they remained peaceable.