Monday, 5 May 2014

Wildlife at Candé

Last week while driving through the grounds of the Chateau of Candé in the late afternoon/early evening we encountered some typical wildlife.

Two Roe bucks couldn't make up their minds whether to flee or ignore us.
A fat and complacent Ring-necked Pheasant cock took no notice of us as he pecked a few morsels from the grass and kept an eye on his hen, who lurked about in the undergrowth.
A la cuisine hier: Potato salad made from locally grown Charlottes and homemade mayo, with diced red pepper, canned sweet corn and finely sliced homegrown spring onions added.
Pasta with a sauce based on tinned sardines in tomato sauce. Not stellar, but not as gross as it sounds either -- a reasonable storecupboard dish. Can you tell I'm overdue for my monthly visit to the supermarket?


  1. "Can you tell I'm overdue for my monthly visit to the supermarket?"....
    Now, if you'd said you'd had pheasant for supper...
    it might have clicked!!
    BUT.... do actually have time for a supermarket run?
    You could use the Web-LeClerc at Loches and pick it up on the way past.....?

  2. Thinking about it...
    that's probably a bad idea!
    Given the reputation such services have...
    you'd probably end up with what you had for supper....
    even though you'd ordered smoked salmon and sun-dried tomatoes!!