Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Dragon and Her Nest

The Chateau of Candé really strives to accommodate the widest possible biodiversity on its estate. A recent success story has been the arrival of a breeding pair of Eurasian Dragons in the park. Let's hope they manage to raise the young to adulthood and in time we might have a permanent population of these elusive and iconic beasts.

Simon demonstrating the best way to approach an adult female dragon with nearby young.
 The dragon's nest. Several young can clearly be heard, although they are very difficult to get a glimpse of.
A number of these innovative hanging hides have been installed around the park in the vicinity of the dragon's nest. They hold one or two people in considerable comfort, and of course, total safety. Apparently dragons can't see this particular shade of red.
Botany Outing: There will be a botany walk on Sunday 18 May to learn about the orchids of the Pelouses des Grandes Fontaines at Bléré. Meet at 14.30 in the stadium carpark at Athée sur Cher. Organised by the Association de Botanique et de Mycologie de Sainte Maure de Touraine.


  1. I presume these are young dragons...
    from those hatched at Chinon last year?

    It'd be quite nice to see these flying overhead....
    rather than the silver birds with vapour trails.

    Of course, they presumably are well trained enough not to flame near drying crops or hay....
    we don't want the "Desolation of Smaug" around here....

  2. Tim: I don't know -- what age do dragons reach sexual maturity? I hadn't thought about the risk of flaming either!