Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Surf's Up at Chenonceau Again!

One day in mid-April I once again encountered the Cher River boogie boarder at Chenonceau. This time he had some mates with him.

 Powering along against the current just downstream from the chateau.
Some sort of conflab mid-river. The water looks deep, until you realise people can stand up in it like this. I particularly like the bottle holder on the board of the man closest to us.
Taking a break at the base of the chateau. Unfortunately I never get to see what they do next.
Au jardin hier: I mowed the potager yesterday. For two and a half hours work it seems a pitifully small area to have covered and it isn't exactly manicured. Some of the grass clippings have gone into the compost, some has been used to mulch the veggie plants. I'm pleased to report that nothing has eaten my newly planted seedlings (yet...) and I only accidently mowed over two orchids.
A la cuisine hier: Cream of pea and leek soup followed by cabbage leaves stuffed with pork mince, rice, grated veggies and chopped herbs, braised in tomato sauce.
Loire Valley Nature: A photo has been added to the Common Toad Bufo bufo entry.
A new entry has been added for Monkey x Man Orchid hybrid Orchis simia x O. anthopophora.

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Aussie in France said...

I'm always surprised what lengths people will go to for a tan! The woman must be frozen.

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