Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sun on The Rock

Sun streams down on the base of Uluru.


  1. Ohhhhh Nooooo NOT that rock again!! Can you climb to the top of it? C

  2. Off topic:
    I just read with great pleasure your first blog! — 1 January 2006 — a collection of quotes. Some are witty, some are deep thinking, all are priceless!

  3. Colin: You can climb to the top, and people do, but the Aboriginal owners do not encourage it. It is a sacred place and climbing it is considered disrespectful, so I have only ever walked around the base.

    chm: that isn't really our first blog post. We parked those quotes there after using them in the right side bar for a while. Glad you enjoyed them anyway -- Simon chose them.

  4. Lovely photo. When we were there several years ago, it was no longer possible to climb the rock. I particularly enjoyed the guided tours by local aborigines. Very, very interesting.