Saturday 17 May 2014

Sun on The Rock

Sun streams down on the base of Uluru.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Ohhhhh Nooooo NOT that rock again!! Can you climb to the top of it? C

chm said...

Off topic:
I just read with great pleasure your first blog! — 1 January 2006 — a collection of quotes. Some are witty, some are deep thinking, all are priceless!

Susan said...

Colin: You can climb to the top, and people do, but the Aboriginal owners do not encourage it. It is a sacred place and climbing it is considered disrespectful, so I have only ever walked around the base.

chm: that isn't really our first blog post. We parked those quotes there after using them in the right side bar for a while. Glad you enjoyed them anyway -- Simon chose them.

Loire Daily Photo said...

Lovely photo. When we were there several years ago, it was no longer possible to climb the rock. I particularly enjoyed the guided tours by local aborigines. Very, very interesting.

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