Wednesday 2 April 2014

The Nature of the Touraine Loire Valley in April

With its variable weather, reptiles take the opportunity to sunbath and get up to operating temperature whenever they can in April. This month is when you can get a good look at snakes in the middle of the day, as they will be reluctant to move from their sunny patch. They won't be out in the open though -- more likely in a little spot of sunlight surrounded by long grass or hidden from view in some other way.

A sunbathing Western Whip Snake in our orchard -- you have to be quiet and lucky to get to see one.
The month will still feel cool, with average maximum temperatures not hitting 20° and average hours of sunlight still under 200, but the trend is upwards.


Pollygarter said...

Wasn't it a lovely day yesterday, though? Blossoming fruit trees everywhere, insects, bats on the wing - spring!

Sheila said...

When we lived in Vermont, always
found the compost heap to be a
favorite spot for the heat-seekers. Never was enthusiastic
about finding them, though!

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