Tuesday 15 April 2014

Bad Dog!

This is a detail of a Gobelins tapestry which we love. Tapestry weavers must have enjoyed dogs, as it is rare to find a 16th or 17th century tapestry without a lifelike dog somewhere, doing something doggy.

5 points if you can tell me which chateau this tapestry hangs in (and a bonus point if you can name the room).
2 points if you can tell me the name of the artist who designed the tapestry.
Farming News:  Yesterday we noticed that a farmer on the outskirts of Preuilly had mowed a large field and was busy making silage.
Quiz Answers: chm is the winner with 5 points for correctly guessing that the tapestry hangs in the chateau of Cheverny. The artist was Simon Viou and it hangs in the King's Chamber.


william said...

maybe chenonceaux ...

Aussie in France said...

When we participated in ThatLou's treasure hunt in the Louvre, we were asked to count how many dogs there were in one of the large tapestries. I forget the answer, but there were a surprising number!

chm said...

Now that I've read today's post, because of the dog in this tapestry, I believe it hangs at Cheverny.

Could Nicolas Poussin be the author of the "carton"?

Susan said...

Fraussie: Indeed it is more unusual to find a tapestry that doesn't have dogs...

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