Tuesday 3 September 2013

Montgolfiere Central

The circles are singles and the ovals are twos -- balloons seen from the village of Mesland on a balmy September evening last year -- 14 in all, not all pictured.
French Online News: A post I wrote about the mushroom caves at Bourré has been picked up and republished by French Online News. If you don't already know this publication, I recommend it as an excellent way to keep up to date with what is important in France as well as learn a lot about its past. It's something different to the usual regurgitations of press releases.


Tim said...

Nice one...
<< Susan Walter of "Days on the Blaise" >>

Well there's a touch of...
Modesty {Blaise}!!

Yep... I can picture you in thigh high leather boots...
Australian Outback Style... naturally!!

Seriously, tho'... well done...
a nice bit of publicity!!

the fly in the web said...

Nice and well deserved publicity.

We had the caves along the Loire between Saumur and Chenehutte who did all sorts of varieties, but I think they were more of a tourist site than a real mushroom producing business.

Your point about mushrooms disagreeing with other stuff, particularly alcohol, accords with what mushroom fanatic friends taught us.

Shaggy inkcaps were fine on their own...but not with wine when they became toxic...so a breaklast dish only.

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