Sunday, 8 September 2013


One of the culinary and cultural differences between Australia and France is the sausage (saucisse). In France they are almost always made from pork, but in Australia they are usually beef. This is presumably a reflection of the respective levels of consumption of different sorts of meat, with pork being the most frequently consumed meat in France and beef coming top in Australia.
Ile de Ré Reflections: Beehives in the salt marsh.


  1. I heard Australia has a new Prime Minister. Plus ça change...

  2. chm: yes, the whole election has been to depressing to comment on. In a way I'm glad I can't vote in Australia -- the choice was appalling. Abbott is pro-mining, pro-guns, anti-immigration and anti-abortion, but the Labour party has just done one of its periodic and traditional implosions. I suspect if Julia had been more prompt about going to the polls it wouldn't have happened. At least the senate is likely to be stroppy, but that will just stave off the worst in the most disruptive way.

  3. Have you lost your voting rights too?

  4. Fraussie: yes, years ago. I think the limit is 5 years. Once you are away from Australia more than that you lose the right to vote.