Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Spotted in Chenonceau Carpark

The Chateau of Chenonceau is a popular destination for vintage and classic car enthusiasts. These two Lagondas were spotted by Simon earlier this month. The red one is apparently a Rapier.


  1. Raorrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    What a pair of beauties...
    and I love the searchlights mounted at the front of the Green Machine...
    a little more light there than the '56 2CV chucks out!!
    Of choice... the early thirties Red Rapier!!

  2. Immaculate after the long journey from the UK, too! Order of the day: locate your spot, leap out, polish!

  3. Probably Lucas P100 headlamps. As a student in the 60s I had occasional rides in Lagondas and Alvis cars of this era. The respective clubs for these makes used to meet at Bucklers Hard near Beaulieu. Owners could rarely use these headlamps, especially if they had been modified for the latest bulbs then coming onto the market. If the driver did not quickly switch off the P100s in favour of the smaller pass lamps motorists coming from the opposite direction would tend to slow down very abruptly. Oncoming motorists who did not dip could easily be persuaded to do so.

    A somewhat nerdy contribution I fear.