Saturday, 28 September 2013

Flying Foxes

When we were overnighting in Moree last year we came out of the Bowls Club where we had dinner and could hear a cacophony of squawks, grunts and trumpeting. At first I thought it was Brolgas at the local wetland getting frisky. It was getting dark, but we went off to investigate nonetheless.

The row turned out to be flying foxes, a type of large bat, also known as fruit bats. They were obviously preparing for the night's foraging, calling out to one another, squabbling and engaging in a bit of recreational gymnastics in the trees around the billabong.

Because of the low light, we didn't get any very good photos, but we enjoyed watching them for a bit. I imagine they've outworn their welcome with anyone who lives nearby though -- they are noisy and stinky and they eat all your fruit and flowers.

For a picture of flying foxes in daylight, see this one I took on a previous trip to Australia.
Ile de Ré Reflections: Proof that stand up paddle boarding is popular in France too.


Tim said...

Flying foxes piddle down themselves don't they?

Presumably "le stand up paddle"...
what lovely franglais!!

chm said...

I love the first photo with the moon and what I think is Venus, which is called "étoile du berger" in French.

lejardindelucie said...

Ces grandes chauve souris sont vraiment extraordinaires. Nous les avons vues de jour perchées très haut dans les arbres mais aussi chamailleuses et bruyantes!

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