Thursday 26 September 2013

Domaine du Clos Roussely

Vincent Roussely is the winemaker at Domaine du Clos Roussely in Angé. His ambition was always to be a winemaker, but the family estate had been sold. After he trained he went off to Australia to work for Hardy's in South Australia, making industrial wine to a formulaic recipe. Once he came back to France he knew he didn't want to do that again.

Vincent Roussely talking to me and some of our clients in his vineyard.
When he got the opportunity he purchased back the family estate and converted it to organic production. He also modernised the winery, installing stainless steel tanks embedded in the tuffeau walls of the cellar and underground tanks in the floor. He has retained the grape chute his grandfather installed though, which delivers the grapes from the vineyard above down into the modern pneumatic press in the chai.

Organically managed sauvignon blanc vines in September at Clos du Roussely.
He makes an unusual range of still white wines from his sauvignon blanc grapes, from very dry to very sweet. Across the road from the winery is a barn which houses his father's collection of vintage vehicles and an exhibition which changes annually. He has also built a visitor centre where you can taste and buy the wines from the estate.

One of several whimsical bug-tractors around the estate.
Vincent himself is personable, friendly and keen to tell visitors his story and about the vineyard and the wines. Like all the winemakers we know he is happy to spend a good hour with visitors, educating and exchanging information. Of course, it's best to make an appointment if you want to be sure to meet Vincent himself, but you can also just drop in to purchase wine.

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Want the bug!!
Want the bug!!
Want the bug!!
Want that bug!!

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