Thursday 14 October 2010

A Temptation

On days like this, the thought of
endless sunshine is really tempting.
Which is why I am toying with
the thought of this

That's right: 2000km (1,200 miles) in two weeks in a classic 1953 Traction Avant travelling across desert to the Atlas mountains. The map is here.

I don't think we will do the trip next year, but these are fairly regular occurrences, and the thought of Saharan sand dunes viewed through Célestine's windscreen is really tempting.



ladybird said...

Is that the château of Chaumont in the background? Martine

Simon said...

Martine - it is indeed Chaumont from across the river.

Leon Sims said...

I go all gooey every time I see a picture of Celestine, she is such a seductive woman - Gosh I miss my Traction Avant.

Diogenes said...

The desert to Atlas Mountains trek looks great...a real adventure.

Tim said...

And just what has Celestine got to say about it? Eh!!
She'll throw a wobbly, mark my words!
And then there's Susan to consider....

The "Are you human" word is sicako... or should that be "Sick car go?" Hope Celestine gets better soon [found my Holts exhaust paste yesterday if you want to try that as a temporary measure?]

Simon said...

Leon. Sometimes I have to pinch myself!

Diogenes: Adventure indeed! It looks amazing and one day will have to be done.

Tim. We have all the gaskets now, so it's "just" a case of installation

Tim said...

GREAT.... word verification is again suitable... entictic ... lets hope she does, soon!

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