Friday, 8 October 2010

Autumn Colours

Back in November 2008 Susan wrote about autumn leaves.

Well - it's that time of year again: here is the view from the Logis Royal in Loches, taken on Tuesday.

And while you're here, some music. To rock fans of a certain age, this will be very scary.



Diogenes said...

Iggy Pop: apparently he speaks French. I kept waiting for him to bust loose with rock and roll in the middle of the song. But he stuck with the elevator music version.

Here in the States his song "Punk Rocker" is used as the sound track to a quite good Cadillac commercial:

Simon said...

I think the fact that he doesn't do Iggy Pop is the most Iggy Pop thing he could do.

Tim said...

'Olutely superb, Simon. I left the abs out because there were just too many on show there.... how does he do it!
Great music for a late Friday night... very café! And just the thing to go with the Tourone Blonde I'm sinking. {another local brasserie!][also lets you borrow the pression equipment if you buy a 20litre! Nice.]
I've just listened to the two other tracks... the man is maturing nicely!

[the human worh is "Weberati"... very apt for such a fast liver!

Pollygarter said...

The hair! The nose!! The bass player!!! Can it be?

Diogenes said...

Simon, on reflection, I have to admit that you are correct.

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