Saturday 2 October 2010

Poster Campaign

Simon has designed some lovely posters for Loire Valley Time Travel and we will be sending them out to friends and family all over the English speaking world to promote the joy of coming to France and seeing the Loire Valley with Célestine.

Poster 1
We hoped that our readers, even if we don't know them personally, might be happy to put up one or two posters as well. We are thinking of workplace noticeboards or at the college where you take your French lessons, or anywhere else people who are planning a trip to France might see them and be encouraged to book a day trip with us.

Simon has done 3 designs - one based on our logo (which Simon also designed) and two based on illustrations from an original Traction Avant owners' manual. Our favorite at the moment is poster 2, so that's the one we have made available for download so that it can be printed using an ordinary home printer. There are 4 versions of the design, each with different phone numbers so that people can contact us and not worry about the cost of a phone call to France. We have Canberra, Connecticut and London numbers in addition to our French number, or people can go to the website and email us.

Poster 2
You can download the posters from the following links:

Australia poster

Europe poster

North America poster

United Kingdom poster

Once the poster has opened in a new window right click on the image, "save image as" and download to your computer. You can then print the image using your computer's print program.

Poster 3
Let us know if you have managed to place a poster (especially if you've found somewhere really inspired) and Célestine will be pleased to show you a few of the sights around Preuilly the next time you are in the area. Let us know also which of the designs you like the best - if you want one of the other posters email us and we will send you a link to it. If you have any problems with this please let us know.



Gaynorb said...

I'll download the poster and put it up at work, and my daughter will post it on her work site too. I'll also email it to some francofile friends and some who rent out a gite near Chatillion sur Indre. Hope it helps!
Super designs.

ladybird said...

The second one is my favourite too. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to put up 'personal' posters at work. Which is quite understable in a company employing over 5000 people! But I will see what I can do ... Promise!:) Martine

Leon Sims said...

Having been given a "free Ride"in Celestine, I shall send your link to my Aussie Citroen Car Clubs.
Although Citroen owners in Australia are tighter than a fish's %$&@, you never know what might happen. Some do enjoy French travels.
BTW - did you know we added a Peugeot to our driveway?

Simon said...

Gaynor, Martyine and Leon (and Sue). Thanks a lot - any efforts will be appreciated.

Leon - I noticed the Pug's arrival

The Beaver said...


I will plug your site (and refer to the poster) on the travel forum (used to be a road warrior) and social networking forum I post on . There are always questions about the Loire valley .

Diogenes said...

I like poster #3.

I will gladly put some up of the North American posters - probably at Scottsdale Community College. And, my health club (next to several office buildings) has a bulletin board for business cards and adverts.

Amanda said...

You are on my Facebook page.
Lovely posters. I hope business will be booming.

The Beaver said...

BTW: I forgot to mention that I like poster #2. Reminds me of Tintin

Simon said...

Beaver - for some reason, in my mind the baddies in Tintin always drove Tracton Avants.

Imagine my surprise when I looked through the books and saw there was only one!

Ken Broadhurst said...

Very cool posters, Simon and Susan.

The Beaver said...


In my case, I thought "les Dupont" drove a traction Avant but was surprised when I saw only one also.

I guess those childhood recollections could be misleading sometimes :-)

Carolyn said...

I like them all. Shouldn't the one with France in red, white, and blue be blue, white, and red to match the flag? French teams aren't called "Les bleus" for nothing.

We'll send this to any of our friends who might be traveling your way.

John said...

Poster style so well matched to the era when the Traction first appeared. Congratulations. Would be quite happy to have a small version of the poster in our car window. Will also talk more directly about possible local posting.

Susan said...

John: Many thanks. In your car window could be a good profile raiser. Not sure about the worth of local posting, but happy to discuss. We've never had a single job from leaflets in the tourist office or hotels.

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