Friday 15 October 2010


Yesterday we cleaned up one room, and started making a mess in another.

Finishing the wall between the bathroom and its
walk in wardrobe with lightweight concrete blocks
All the walls, floor, wiring, insulation and pipework is now finished in the attic bathroom, and Patrick starts doing the joints on Monday. This means that by the end of next week we hope to be painting in there. After that we have to tile the floor, and we can get the plumber back in to install the bath.

Looking towards the wardrobe from where the bath
will be. You can see the dust hasn't settled.
Immediately after sweeping the floor in the attic, we started work in what will be our "nerve centre". The room which was previously the bathroom and then our temporary bathroom will become a small office space, housing our main computer and all the other things that can clutter up a desk. From here we will have a wired network into three other rooms as wifi doesn't work well with metre thick stone walls (and I don't trust it anyway).

Before we could even consider starting that, we had to demolish the temporary shower and remove the old tiles from the wall. This created more mess, but we are used to mess...

I have also painted our new back door. It is now the same colour as the old door was, and I think it makes quite a harmonious blend with the rest of the building. The paint works really well on the exotique wood that BricoDepot and Lapeyre use for their doors and windows.

Which is just as well, because yesterday evening we bought a new window for the ex-bathroom/office as the old window is completely dead - the wood has rotted away and there is no putty around the glass. We bought the window at BricoDepot, in what is becoming a bit of a household tradition: rushing out to buy bits and pieces at 5 in the afternoon because we suddenly remember the hardware shops are open until 8.30pm



chm said...

That St Andrew's cross looks terrific!

Ken Broadhurst said...

Why are you so suspicious of wireless networking? All you have to do is password-protect the network. Millions of people in small apartments all over Paris use it without problems, as far as I know. And we've never had a problem with ours.

Simon said...

Ken - partially because I am a luddite, but also because I don't like using things I don't understand and I just can't be bothered learning to understand how wireless works. (As opposed to "how to make it work", which is a completely different and altogether more simple beast)

I also dont have wireless in any of the PCs, so it was just easiest to unscrew the arial and turn the wireless off on the modem.

Carolyn said...

Now I understand how your St. Andrew's cross works. It looks good up there.

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