Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Some different pictures of Preuilly

Looking back over the blog, I see I have posted pictures of some of the sites in Preuilly more than once.

Just to celebrate, this is another angle on Preuilly's most obvious feature, taken from the little alleyway that runs, almost hidden, down the side of the church and underneath the flying buttresses. In this you can see the full glory of the "Burgundian" tiles.
For some reason I cannot fathom, photos of the water mill on the Claise are conspicuous only by their absence. So to redress the balance;
The waterlillies are just about to blossom in this photo, taken on the 20th of May this year. Who could tell, looking at this photo, that a week before the photo was taken the river was in full spate and no sign of the lilles was visible.

When we first went to Preuilly, the Plan d'Eau had concrete electricity pylons across it. Now it has goalposts. I'm not sure why, maybe it's to attract the local kids (all 14 of them if I can believe the evidence of my own eyes) away from playing on the sportsground.
At the moment, it looks like the Preuilly website has disappeared. I don't know if this is permanent or why it has happened. Next time I am in town I will have to find someone to ask.



Anonymous said...

The Preuilly website, or its absence, quality, etc. is something that has clearly been receiving thought here. At the Archeological society meeting which we attended fairly recently it was a matter for discussion; and the Adjoint of the Mayor was present at this meeting. I think it safe to assume that something will be done in due course, but obviously we do not have any specific information. Clearly there is a very great deal that could and should be done.

Jill & John

Susan said...

Thanks for this - at your suggestion we bought the Archaeological Society's newsletter, and I see that it says (translated): The Preuilly website dedicated to the history and heritage of Preuilly is going to be entrusted to our association, within the framework of a reorganisation of the Commune's IT support, and we are charged with augmenting the site. Thanks for the willingness of specialists and amateurs on the internet.

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