Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Front Door, sorted.

Regular readers may remember when our front door looked like this:

(it was about 2 weeks ago, actually).

Now it looks like this:

Yup, not only do I do plumbing and carpentry, I have added concreting (albeit rather bad concreting) to my list of skills. What I really need to do next is get good at them, rather than just scraping through with a pass mark. I figure that I will probably get plenty of practice, so it is still possible I may become an expert in something other than having good ideas.

I know concrete is Satan's building material, and the sworn enemy of limestone, but this is only a temporary fix. The door, and most likely the brickwork either side, will have to be replaced. The concrete part of the courtyard will be dug up, and the stones currently in the floor of the garage will be put in its place.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed the door is less flamboyant than it was. I found some brown paint.



wcs said...

Looking mighty smart!

Simon said...

Thanks Walt, I am rather pleased with the new look.

At last it looks like we are properly doing things to improve the house.

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