Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Weir at Preuilly

One of our favorite places in the village is the boat ramp above the weir on the Claise just as it leaves Preuilly.

There is a seat that looks upstream, and this is the best place we have found so far for seeing a kingfisher in Preuilly itself. During the warmer months it is busy with dragonflies, and even though it is part of the plan d'eau it is peaceful, pretty and private.
The only distraction is likely to be one of the local jardiniers anciens from the nearby potagers telling you how big the fish in the river used to be. This is usually the moment I manage to catch a flash of blue and orange out of the corner of my eye.

It's no hardship though. It somehow feels a bit special that the locals want to stop and chat to a scruffy Australian interloper.



Anonymous said...

Lovely picture. Very peaceful.

Susan said...

It is a lovely spot to have a quick mental refresh.

Like many of the best places, no-one else seems to go there - which is a bit strange, as it is by ni means out of town

Anonymous said...

In French we say "Ce sont les cordonniers les plus mal chaussés." and "On est jamais prophète en son propre pays." That explains why the locals don't go to those places they are so much used to they don't even see them anymore. Give it time and you will feel the same way. I hope I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

We'll go and have a look at your favourite river spot in Preuilly, in about two week's time, especially as there are kingfishers to be seen. We'll try not to be there when you go! Favourite spots tend to assume great importance and one is inclined to harbour delusions: we found a spring with carvings in the stone above it high above Puligny Montrachet in the Côte d'Or and I'm sure everyone who goes there thinks they are the only ones to have found it. The same applied when as students we found a tiny Roman aquaduct near Cognac which was still delivering water through the hillside. Magic moments!
Jill & John

Susan said...

chm - I hope you are wrong too. I tend to have favourite spots I return to again and again. A bit of a ritual, and possibly to the detriment of new places I might otherwise visit.

Jill & John - don't worry - I won't give you the evil eye if I come across you there. I think the locals don't go down there because it's a dead end, and most people doing a post-dinner perambulate will do a circuit round the plan d'eau.

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