Sunday 30 March 2008

Another Avenue

Susan wrote about plane trees, and how they are used to form avenues. This one is in the park at Richelieu.

The building at the end of the avenue is a feasting house (banquet hall maybe?) that has rather a huge wine cellar underneath. The wooden door frames and windows are beautifully carved with olive branches and other epicurian motifs. The stonework at the entrance has the finest rustication (a kind of stippling) that I have ever seen.



Anonymous said...

At least these trees are left to their own devices and are not manicured as those in Paris avenues or French formal gardens. This gives some kind of intimacy to the scene.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed your posts are all posted at 9:00AM. How can you do that?

Susan said...

The wonders of modern technology! We are using draft.blogger, which allows us to write an entry and sechdule it to publish at a nominated time.

This means we don't have to do blog writing before work yet still get an entry in the morning


Anonymous said...

As you said, wonders of modern technology. They are endless. Thank you for telling me. Of course, I don't know anything about blogger. Just posting comments, when that works!

wcs said...

Is draft.blogger different from the "new" blogger? I thought post-dating for automatic posting was not available!

Simon said...

Walt allows you to schedule.

I would have claimeed that I post at exactly 9.00 every day because punctuality is the true sign on a gentleman, but Susan wouldn't let me get away with it

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