Thursday, 20 March 2008

Three Houses

These houses aren't in Preuilly - or even anywhere close.

They overlook the beach at Wimereaux, a coastal village near Boulogne sur Mer. If I had a seaside house I would demand it looked like this:

Observant readers will have notice that recently there has been very little talk about the house in Preuilly. Like many people in the western world we have been affected by the dodgy business practices of some US mortgage lenders. My house in Australia still isn't sold, so for now it's visit France when we can and do some work ourselves. All the big building work is currently on hold - but at least we have a good roof, which means the house shouldn't deteriorate any further.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that greed, lack of responsibility for handling other people's money, and shortsightedness have led to this worldwide situation where innocent people like yourselves are caught in a financial squeeze. Friends have just sold a house after putting it on the market over two years ago; we're taking that as a good omen for you.

In the meantime, your takes on bats, trees, sunsets, and hot spots in the Loire are a treat for your readers.

Susan said...

Thank you for your kind comments Louise - it does make us feel better.

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