Thursday 27 March 2008

Three Old Shops


Ken Broadhurst said...

The green storefront is in Le Grand-Pressigny. I remember it, and I actually posted a picture of it here.

Susan said...

Ahh ! Thanks for the link to your blog. My guess is that the Bourrelier made harness more than saddles. Our place was a grain merchants and people can remember horse drawn carts arriving to deliver grain up until some time in the 1960's. Our garage aka one end of the stables, still has straw in the loft and rings for tieing horses up.
The Hôtel de l'Esperance in your blog is for sale now and we have stayed and eaten at Le Savoie Villars - I would recommend it. I hadn't twigged about the Louise de Savoie link, so thanks for that too.


Anonymous said...

Is the third picture that of M. le Maire's house?

Susan said...

Like I said - too beady by half LOL. Fortunately for our future in Preuilly I am pretty sure M le nouveau maire's English isn't good enough to be reading our blog, even if he had the time or inclination.

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