Tuesday 11 March 2008

Tour de France, an update

I previously mentioned the Tour de France.

As I guessed - and Alan later confirmed, the tour is indeed passing through Preuilly on the 9th July - the route is here.

The thing that now has me excited is that the only way they avoid cycling past the bottom of our street is if they cycle up our street.

Somehow I don't think that likely!



Anonymous said...

Sadly. I don't think the route will go along our street either, although I think, as with you, it will pass the end of our street. Since we have been denied being in France on the 14th. of July – we have been waiting 20 years or so for our first opportunity – by a very inconsiderate family wedding, the Tour de France is some compensation. Our various teacher/cyclist friends are quite cast down that the stage involving Preuilly is not either at or nearer the week-end. Had it been we are sure our house would have been a favoured destination.

Jill & John

Susan said...

I had forgotten about Bastille day - I will have to tie it all into one trip.

It's a good time they are passing too - Champagne cocktails at 11.00, Lunch, a bottle of red, then watch some drug fuelled cycling maniacs. What a perfect day that sounds......


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