Friday, 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas 2020

We would like to wish all our friends, family and readers a happy Christmas, full of good company, even if it needs to be virtual, and good food.

Three Wise Men handmade by my great-aunt Beryl for a colleague in the mid-20th century.
Three Wise Men Handmade by Beryl Mann for a colleague, mid-20C, Melbourne, Australia.


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chm said...

I love theses. Your great-aunt was very talented.
Merry Xmas to you too and to your readers.

Carolyn said...

Merry Christmas to you, Susan and Simon, and to chm who seems to wake up before I do!, and to all your regular readers. Your blog is a daily gift to us all that brightens every morning for me. I appreciate your broad interests and the research you do to prepare your posts.

sillygirl said...

Those wise men are utterly charming.

chm said...

Thank you Carolyn for your good wishes. If I am awake early it's because in a rehab facility they wake you up at all times for some reason or other.

Susan said...

Auntie Beryl was a real role model and exceptional.

Susan said...

Thanks Carolyn. I'm afraid I'm starting to flag on the blog front. No lack of things to write about, but the motivation is often absent. CHM -- my father complains about the same thing where he is.

Susan said...

I agree, and the family who were gifted them have treasured them and kept them in perfect condition.

chm said...

Take a rest, Susan, you need it. I, and your other readers, will really miss your well researched, informative and interesting posts. But, I'm sure the motivation will come back after a while and you will again feel like writing about interesting subject matter. And we will rejoice.

bonnie poppe said...

Beryl was terribly clever! If you blogged 3x per week that would be fine, I can't believe you are able to keep up your blogging schedule. I have a little blog meant for friends and I'm lucky to get one out once a month. Plenty of ideas but a lot of laziness.
bonnie in provence

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