Monday, 28 December 2020

Cheese Platter


SuperU cheese platter.
Photo courtesy of Antoinette Duthie.

On Boxing Day we went for apéro dînatoire with friends. My contribution was some of my homemade foie gras, homemade Christmas pudding, and a cheese platter. The cheese platter came ready made up from the supermarket. The cheeses were Selles sur Cher goats cheese, Roquefort blue sheeps cheese, the hard mountain cows cheese Comté and soft not too stinky Brie de Meaux. Except that I might have swapped the Comté for Beaufort, this is exactly what I would have put on a cheese board if I'd bought them all separately. They were all branded as the supermarket's good value good quality range, which in the past has not let me down. The cheeses were presented on a reuseable natural slate platter and the whole thing cost €13.95. Bargain I say.


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Jean said...

You have there most of our favourite cheeses, or mine at least. Nick doesn't do blue or stinky so I usually enjoy those all by myself. The slate platter is a great bonus, you would have had to pay at least €5 for that alone, so definitely a bargain selection!

chm said...

This is a great selection of quite different cheeses. But with France said to have more than three hundred cheeses you can expect any interesting combination!

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